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SONOS 5.1 Sistem Home Theather

SONOS 5.1 Sistem Home Theather




    5.1 Home Theatre System with PLAYBAR, SUB and PLAY:1 Pair

    Everything to create the perfect 5.1 home theatre system

    1. Sonos PLAYBAR
    PLAYBAR is the soundbar for music lovers. With nine speakers under the hood, itfloods any room with super-realistic sound for games, movies and music. Itplays everything that’s connected to the TV, including cable boxes and gameconsoles. Set it on your TV stand, or mount it on the wall near your TV.

    2. Sonos SUB
    SUB adds soul-shaking bass with two face-to-face, force-cancelling speakers fordeep sound and zero cabinet buzz or rattle. Feel the crush of every actionsequence and the shred of every power chord. Put the SUB anywhere you want inthe room—even lying flat under a couch.

    3. Sonos PLAY:1s (s)
    Complete your home theatre with a pair of PLAY:1s. Mini but mighty, they bringdeep, richly textured sound to your movies and music. Plug in, behind yourcouch, and get surrounded with epic sound.

    Epic Sound for Your Television

    PLAYBAR’s nine-speaker driver soundbar design floods your home withhuge waves of epic, full-cinema sound for TV, Web, Movies and Video Games.

    All the music on earth

    PLAYBAR is also a stand-alone all-in-one Sonos player that allows youto wirelessly streamall the music on earth—your iTunes library, your favourite music services,and thousands of Internet radio stations, shows and podcasts.

    Easy setup

    PLAYBAR connects to your TV using a single optical cable and power cordand plays everything that is connected to your TV, from cable boxes to gamingconsoles.


    No rewiring required. Connect PLAYBAR to your home WiFi network usingthe free Sonos Controller App.

    Flexible design

    The PLAYBAR's long, thin soundbar shape allows it to sit easily aboveor beneath your TV on a table or a console, or to be wall-mounted.

    Universal audio

    PLAYBAR speaks DOLBY DIGITAL and stereo, so you never miss a moment ofthe action.

    Access all your music

    Pre-loaded Internet radio stations, free of charge

    Get over 100,000 free radio stations, shows, and podcasts, all forfree. And you can tune in without turning on your computer: browse forstations, or type in specific call letters or a radio host you love.

    Endless music from the most popular online music services

    Sonos works seamlessly with Apple Music, Spotify, Pandora, Deezer,Radio by TuneIn, SiriusXM, Google Play Music, SoundCloud, Amazon Music,iHeartRadio, Rhapsody, Rdio, Qobuz, TIDAL and downloads from any serviceoffering DRM-free tracks. (Service availability varies by region.)

    Computer-free music playback

    Get instant access to millions of songs and thousands of radio stationswithout ripping, downloading, or even turning on a computer. Sonos connectsdirectly to these services over the Internet and then streams the music to therooms of your choice.

    Play the music on your computer in any room

    Play music stored on up to 16 PCs, Macs or NAS (Network AttachedStorage) devices on your home network, supporting the most popular audioformats, from iTunes® to MP3.

    Other cool features

    Night Sound

    For late night viewing, ‘Night Sound’ dynamically compresses the audioto avoid any bangs and crashes waking the family, while making quieter soundsmore audible.

    Speech Enhancement

    Boost the frequency range of the human voice so you never miss thoseessential moments of dialogue.

    TV Autoplay

    Want your TV audio to automatically play through PLAYBAR when you turnon your TV? If so, keep the settings as is. If not, go to TV Setup and Control,select TV Autoplay, and choose Off.

    Control your Sonos system with your smartphone, tablet or PC

    Control all your music and rooms with your Android™ device, iPhone®,iPod touch®, iPad™, PC, or Mac.

    Free Sonos Controller apps for Android, iPhone, iPad, PC, and Mac letyou control your Sonos players, music on the Internet and your computer rightfrom the palm of your hand. Download the mobile apps for free on the iTunes AppStore or Google Play™. Download the PC and Mac apps.

    Integrated, multi-room control

    If you have multiple music players, you can control what's playing inany room from anywhere in your house. Sonos Controllers aren't tied to aspecific player, so you can use any Controller to control the music and thevolume in all your rooms.

    Find and play your favourite songs in an instant

    Search for songs and stations, choose the music, and control the volumefrom anywhere in your home.

    Wireless multi-room music with SonosNet

    Built-in wireless capability

    The PLAYBAR can go anywhere, delivering music to any room in yourhouse, wirelessly. Players and Controllers establish their own secure wirelessmesh network that delivers the extensive range and superior performance youneed to get music all over your house.

    Play a different song in every room, at the same time

    Tune in to an Internet radio station in the bedroom, stream a musicservice in the kitchen and play a song from your music library in the livingroom — simultaneously.

    Listen to the same song in every room, in perfect synchronisation

    Play the same song in different rooms, simultaneously, without echoesor delays. Add or drop rooms from your rooms grouping and still be in sync.

    Automatic software updates

    New features and music services delivered automatically — and for free

    The Sonos system keeps getting better over time with new features andmusic services. Once the Sonos music system has been registered, Sonos willautomatically notify you when software updates are available. Simply press onebutton and your system updates itself.


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