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Bang&Olufsen BEOLAB 20 Hoparlör

Bang&Olufsen BEOLAB 20 Hoparlör




    Flexible wireless speaker combining delicate highs and forceful lows for full acoustic impact.

    Price is indicative only. Final price will be provided by the local store and may vary based on configuration.


    Meaningful innovations

    Our technological breakthroughs never seek technology as an end. Acoustic lenses spread the high frequencies horizontally around the room so that they cover more of the listening area while reducing reflections from the floor or ceiling. Walk around a room and the Bang & Olufsen sound performance remains unchanged.

    Adaptive Bass Linearisation delivers great bass from small speakers by harnessing surplus capacity in the amplifier and driver unit. We extend a speaker’s bass output far beyond what it would normally produce and automatically adjust it for excessive peaks.


    Putting the highs on a pedestal

    The crowning glory of Beolab 20 is the Acoustic Lens that delivers smooth high-frequency sound in full 180 degrees. The results are uncompromising listening experiences across your room and much greater freedom in terms of where you place your speaker for optimal sound.

    Very few speakers can rival the formidable combination of power and poise of the Beolab 20. At the heart of its refined acoustic performance is a custom-built digital sound engine, that’s refined to optimise every single component inside this wireless speaker.

    Beolab 20 is a truly powerful speaker, designed with an elegant and surprisingly compact appearance. With the body almost entirely draped in your choice of high-quality fabric, this stylish speaker easily adapts to its surroundings.

    To deliver precise and intensive bass without the risk of damaging your speaker at high volumes, our Adaptive Bass Linearisation technology constantly monitors and adapts the speaker’s bass performance.

    Every speaker will sound different depending on its position in a room. Beolab 20 features our innovative room adaptation technology that optimises the audio performance based on your speaker’s actual placement in a corner, against a wall or free-standing.


    Recommended Room Size

    100 m² 1000 ft²

    Speaker Configuration

    1 x 3/4" tweeter 1 x 5" midrange 1 x 10" woofer


    1  x 160 watt, Class D, tweeter 1  x 160 watt, Class D, midrange 2 x 160 watt, Class D, woofer

    Frequency Range

    19,5 - 23,600 Hz

    Maximum Loudness @1m (SPL)

    108 dB SPL

    Bass Capability

    104 dB SPL

    Advanced Sound Features

    Acoustic Lens Technology Adaptive Bass Linearization (ABL) Acoustic Placement Settings Thermal Protection



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